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Leasing Made Easy!
Fox Chevrolet of Rochester Hills Makes It Simple to End Your Lease

Leasing a Used Car: Learn About Used Auto Leasing 

If you are familiar with car leasing, you may have heard - or may assume - that all car dealers only lease brand-new vehicles. That's actually true for many car dealerships, but at Bill Fox Chevrolet in Rochester Hills, MI, we offer lease financing for used vehicles. It's important to note that this service is available only for newer models and for our Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles. Here's some basic information about leasing. 

Leasing a used or CPO model allows you to get lower monthly payments

Just as with leasing a new vehicle, leasing a used or CPO vehicle lets you make lower monthly payments than you'd make with a car loan on the same vehicle. In addition, the amount you pay in the beginning of the lease - the "amount due at signing" - is usually less than the down payment you'd be responsible for with a car loan. What's more, leasing a used vehicle costs less than leasing a new one, so it saves money in several ways.

Leasing a Certified Pre-Owned Chevy gives you other advantages

The Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Chevrolet models at Bill Fox Chevrolet represent a higher level of used cars. That means they're not only well worth buying, they're worth leasing. A CPO Chevrolet is a used car that's generally a newer model with fewer miles than other used cars. Each one must pass a rigorous inspection to assure the vehicle's quality. Once it's designated CPO, it comes with a special warranty other used cars simply don't have. 

Here's how leasing a used or CPO vehicle is structured

For our customers from nearby communities like Troy and Sterling Heights, MI, leasing a used or CPO car, truck or SUV is very similar to leasing a new car. We will determine the current value of your used car or Certified Pre-Owned Chevy model as well as the anticipated value of that same vehicle at the end of the lease period, which is usually 36 months. The lease payments will be calculated based on the difference between those two amounts. 

Here's how the end of the lease works 

One of the attractions of leasing any vehicle is that, when your lease contract concludes, you can simply return the used or CPO Chevy model you've been leasing to our dealership. You don't have to worry about selling the car, truck or SUV yourself. At that time, you'll be responsible for paying for any excess damage or wear-and-tear on the vehicle, as well as covering the fee for any excess miles driven above the mileage limits in the lease contract.

Other dimensions of leasing a used or CPO model to consider

While leasing any car has advantages, there are other aspects of leasing that you should be aware of. When you lease, it's like "renting" a car rather than buying one. Leasing any vehicle generally does not lead to eventually owning the car. In addition, with a lease, you are not building cash value - or "equity" - that you can use to buy your next car. We want our customers in Warren and Southfield, MI to know as much as possible before leasing.

Find out more about leasing a used vehicle

Leasing a vehicle - whether new, used or Certified Pre-Owned - can have advantages and disadvantages every customer should investigate. If you're interested in leasing any new, used or CPO model we have available, get in touch and let's explore the possibilities at Bill Fox Chevrolet, not far from Shelby Township, MI in Rochester Hills, MI.

Stress-Free Car Shopping

  • Would you like out of your current lease?
  • Ready to upgrade to a new model?
  • Looking to purchase your leased car?
  • Want to lower your payments and get a great new car?
  • Over your miles or have major or minor damage to your vehicle?

Fox Toyota of Rochester Hills can alleviate all of your concerns with a little bit of information from you.
No inspection is needed if you purchase or lease another Toyota.  Please contact us for more information!

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Want to Talk Auto Finance?

Before your Toyota lease expires, you will need to schedule an inspection of your Toyota car, truck, SUV, or minivan.  This inspection will look for any signs of wear and tear that is beyond reasonable and customary.  After that examination is completed, you may want to start thinking about your end-of-lease options.  Customers have four choices:

  • Purchase the Toyota Vehicle You've Been Leasing-We understand that some folks fall in love with the car they are driving.  Our finance managers can assist you with buying your leased vehicle.
  • Lease a New Toyota Model-If you love the flexibility of leasing, and want a new Toyota vehicle, you can choose from our huge selection of new Toyota models.
  • Buy a New or Used Vehicle from Fox Toyota-Leasing might not be the right choice for your new driving habits.  If that is the case, you can buy a new Toyota vehicle or used car from our wide selection.
  • Turn in Your Keys-In the case that none of the above options work, you can turn in your keys at our dealership.  Our finance team can assist you with doing that in a successful fashion.

Stress-Free Car Shopping

One of the main reasons that many people choose to work with the lease return center at Fox Toyota is because it is not a requirement that you leased your vehicle with us to return it at our dealership.  Customers can even come to our dealership with a leased car from a different make and we will still take in trade.  We are your hub for everything related to leasing.

Get in touch with the lease return center at Fox Toyota, in Rochester Hills, MI, today, so you can get guidance from the professionals on how to end your Toyota lease.

Early Lease Returns Made Easy at Fox Toyota

The value of leasing is surely achieved at Fox Automotive. And with the ability to return your lease early given a process already cemented, there's less worry incurred for a more pleasurable leasing experience near Troy.

At Fox Automotive, all concerns are alleviated once your Chevrolet, Volkswagen or Toyota lease term nears an end.

The Lease Return Center at Fox Automotive Near Warren

The lease-end process when looming might give way to some anxiety.

For three to four years, you've been careful about yearly mileage accrued while preventing any damage or unnecessary wear. In all, it's been a wonderful experience considering the low, monthly lease payments and those lease-end options enticing as they remain.

Yet some questions may exist as to the process, and what happens thereafter.

That's when our leasing professionals at Fox Automotive are made available to guide you through the various options at your disposal. They comprise the following benefits to leasing your Toyota Tundra, Volkswagen Jetta or Chevrolet Camaro:

Inspection Appointment

Prior to your Chevrolet Silverado lease ending, you'll need to make an appointment for an inspection. This is done to document wear and tear that may be beyond normal and customary.

Upon successful completion without any issues to address, you're provided with several choices to consider.

Purchasing Your Current Lease

With that worn-in appeal and memories encased, you may desire to purchase your leased Volkswagen Atlas outright. This process allows for a payoff quote to be determined predicated upon accrued mileage and other aspects of wear incurred.

In doing so, our finance professionals will provide a quote wholly commensurate with market value in Sterling Heights.

Leasing Anew

With the affordability of leasing a Toyota Tundra an outstanding prospect, once you've relinquished your current lease, you may lease again the most updated Toyota model there is.

In essence, this is what drives our business at Fox Automotive. Repeat leasing clients possess the ability to lease everything that's new every three years, at least. This comprises the capacity to stay atop of trends and technological advances applied throughout new Chevrolet, Volkswagen and Toyota line-ups.

Purchasing Your Next Chevrolet Colorado

If you've deemed that leasing is not right for you and circumstances, purchasing any new Chevrolet, Volkswagen or Toyota is easily accomplished upon your current lease ending.

Upon surrendering your current lease, you may browse our extensive inventory spread across three brands at one, Waterford location.

Walk Away at Lease End

Should everything be in order as to returning your current lease, once providing all keys, you may simply walk away in consideration of what will come. Every new production year will feature updated Chevrolet SUVs, Volkswagen hatchbacks and Toyota trucks to get excited about.

So, if you wish to await new inventories at Fox Automotive, this decision is yours to secure. At Fox Automotive we stand ready to welcome you once again with leasing and purchasing.

All Lease-End Concerns, Questions Answered at Fox Automotive

With anything that remains outstanding or difficult to ascertain in terms of leasing obligations, our lease professionals are ably ready to field your questions.

Our digitally savvy clientele may access online query forms regarding the scheduling of your early lease-return appointment or other pertinent information related.

For a more personalized approach, feel free to contact our local Sterling Heights area dealership for all early lease-end concerns and appointments made.

In all, the process by which a lease is returned has been made easy to navigate. This the prime reason why leasing remains a popular means of acquiring new Chevrolet, Volkswagen and Toyota models across all body styles.


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